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WE, the architects particularly and other professionals in general are adversely affected by the implementation of the Continuing Professional Development or otherwise known as the CPD, specifically Article 3, Section 10, requiring all professionals to earn CPD units before they can renew their licenses.

1. As professionals, we recognise that education is a continuing process, not only to raise the level of ones competencies but the furtherance of self-cultivation;

2. We also recognise that the UAP as well as the other professional organizations and the PRC are always on its toes to uplift the standards of the profession to be at par with the rest of the world;

3. However, the CPD, as we and many other professionals see it, is another bar that would make things hard for the professionals and is not a guarantee the program will produce professionals who are competent, of high caliber or top-notch. The CPD is arbitrary and non-sequitur;

4. If indeed there is a need to raise the standards of competencies, go back to the academe. Go back to the foundation. The best move is strengthen our education system in order to avoid run-of-the-mill professionals. Reinforce the two-year apprenticeship required before a student of architecture can even graduate. Review the Board exams, in our case, bring back the 12-hr continuous Architectural design exam, and do away with the fill-in the blanks or multiple-choice type of questions which cannot elicit the capabilities and talents of the aspirants. Needless to say, we have had very competent architects such as Locsin, Formoso, Ramos, Coscoluela are but some, who did not partake in this so-called CPD but unequivocally manifested exemplary if not exceptional masterpieces;

5. With all due respect, the authors of the law (CPD) must have lost sight of the fact that competencies can not be gained in the program they designed. They lost sight of the fact that in recent years, the information highway is so infinitely broad if not limitless that those professionals who would desire to expand their horizon, seek the avenues of knowledge, create change and even search for the truth cannot be limited by the so-called program of this law that does not guarantee critical thinking, wisdom, and discernment;

6. The law could have been relevant if it drives opportunities and spur projects, initiate socioeconomic developments, which the country lagged behind in comparison to other countries which unfortunately gave rise to brain-drain of our professionals in the first place. We lack these opportunities with which to further hone our talents, skills and abilities, under-utilized in our own country and sadly, exploited ashore;

7. On these notes, it is PRAYED, that this petition would reach the authorities for AMENDMENT OR ABROGATION, for we see its ineffectivity at the outset, its coerciveness, and runs counter against the grains of democratic principles, without prejudice to the issuance of a TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER (TRO), in the interest of justice.

Those who feel and think that the CPD is undemocratic and dilute the essence of licensure or the sanctity of professional licensing in the Philippines for all professions, please sign this PETITION. We submit ourselves to regulations but these must be smart, fair and conscientious. 

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