Federal Aid Package for the Photography Industry During Covid-19

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Federal Aid Package for Photography Industry in Response to Covid-19

Across the United States, the need for social distancing and self-quarantine has impacted many industries. Leaving many at an elevated risk for both economic collapse and also potential infection; the community of photographers who work directly with people including portrait, wedding, event, newborn and family photographers are at a particularly elevated risk. The vast majority photographers are self-employed, and rely on photo sessions and wedding contracts to pay for personal expenses and to keep their businesses running. Photographers families are at risk of losing not only their businesses, studios, homes, but also, basic necessities like food for their families and healthcare. Cancellations of contracts, rescheduled and/or cancelled appointments, because of the Coronavirus outbreak are leaving many without the necessary income to facilitate their normal lives. The immediate nature of the change in income or the possibility of immediate future income is leaving so many feeling dreadful of the future and in need of relief. 

Many of us are in direct and close physical contact with the most vulnerable in our society (newborn babies and pregnant women) or impacted by the temporary bans on large crowds during this pandemic (wedding & event photographers). In all cases, portrait photographers are suffering loses and find themselves torn between doing the right thing to "flatten the curve" and/or feeding their families and paying their bills.

Please, consider those who are self-employed photographers and stand to lose everything by passing a bill to include the following measures:

-Immediate access to Medicaid Health insurance for those either under-insured or uninsured

-$100 billion in government-backed, zero or low-interest loans, to help support the the self-employment income that is disappearing from a lack of photographic opportunities

We, the undersigned present this to our elected officials with the full expectation that we will be heard and the above measures will be quickly accessible for our industry as we do our part to "flatten the curve".

Thank you.

Tracie Maglosky, Photographer & Studio Owner - Cincinnati, Ohio