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Accept that you have narcissistic personality disorder

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I am so sick of professional climate skeptics wheeling out the same old discredited statistics over and over again - like that petition supposedly signed by 30,000 scientists* that was mentioned on Radio National again last Thursday**.

A lot of these professional skeptics are trained in science, and most of them aren't making huge money for their opinions. So what motivates someone who should know better to spout known lies and dodgy statistics?

I reckon they've all got narcissistic personality disorder.

I'm not a psychiatrist or in any way qualified to diagnose mental illness. But they're not climate scientists and they're perfectly happy to bang on about what they think is happening with the climate.

So I don't imagine they'll have any trouble accepting a petition signed by 30,000+ other unqualified people who agree with my diagnosis.

And next time one of them mentions that tired old bit of rubbish about 30,000 scientists we can wheel out our own dodgy petition and see how that goes down. It’s worth a try – pointing out the flaws in their data certainly hasn’t stopped professional skeptics from citing it.

*Nice rebuttal of that here:

** 30,000 ‘scientists’ can’t be wrong …

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