Bring Curl Specific Education Into Cosmetology Programs and Textbooks

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Have you had negative haircut and/or styling experience in a salon with your wavy and curly hair?  I think almost every wavy and curly haired individual has, at least one time in their life. It's also happened to me and now being on both sides of the situation (as a curly hair specialist and a wavy haired person) and listening to the struggles of curly haired individuals I understand why these horrible hair traumas have happened.

There is little to no education on how to cut and style wavy, curly and tightly coiled hair types in cosmetology programs.  The chapter on naturally curly hair cutting, styling and colouring DOESN'T EXIST!!! So how can a beauty professional know how to work with these hair types when they have never been taught?!  They are not to blame...unfortunately the Cosmetology programming/textbook has not fully prepared Hairstylists to serve ALL hair types; only to work with those who wish to wear their hair straight. The decision makers might not even realize it either. 

And thus, the reason I started this petition...curl specific education should be taught right from the beginning in Cosmetology programming, and if you're reading this, I am betting you feel the same way! I hope by sharing it with those in charge of making lasting change within the professional beauty industry, I can encourage this update. 

Over 65% of the world's population has naturally wavy or curly hair, and I believe that number is even higher.  With more curly haired people in the world than straight haired, it makes sense that curl specific education be offered right from the start of a beauty professionals career. 

Modern day hair hairstyling doesn't take into consideration the needs curly hair individuals who want to wear their hair curly.  It is time this changed, and we need to prepare cosmetology students how to cut and style naturally curly hair to serve this large and growing demographic. Everything I have learned about wavy, curly and tightly coiled curls has been outside of my formal cosmetology schooling.  I received ZERO training and it was not even mentioned that curly haired people would want to wear their hair naturally curly.  We were taught to give the smoothest blowout, and that people with naturally curly hair want to wear their hair straight. 

I know for fact that this is 100% NOT TRUE. The mental and emotional pain the curly community feels from receiving this messaging for so long has done enough damage. 

Modern day Cosmetology students are being sent out to start their career behind the chair unprepared to work with clients who want to wear their natural texture.  Textbooks and educational programs need to rise up to meet the needs of the wavy and curly hair population. If you look through the cosmetology textbooks there is absolutely no chapter on how to cut and style naturally curly hair, and specifically no reference for treating it any different than those who wish to wear their hair straight. No wonder people with naturally curly hair have rarely been able to get a decent haircut! Hairstylists haven't ever been trained how to work with it!

Curly hair specific training has really exploded in the hair industry in the last 5-10 years, and now the cosmetology school textbooks and programs need to play catch up. Currently, Hair Stylists have to pay extra money after they finish hair school to get this alternate education under their belt, which then increases the price of this service for the client. This would not be necessary if we had this curl specific training in the initial cosmetology programming. Unless we create this new curl specific chapter and hands-on training, the industry will be (and currently still is) sending Hair Stylists out into their careers without the full education they need to serve EVERYONE who sits in their chair. 

Sign this petition if you believe that curly hair specific education needs to start IN HAIR SCHOOL! I invite curly hair individuals, Hair Stylists, and those who love and support them to sign this petition and remember to SHARE prove to the decision makers how much we all want this new training into Cosmetology programs and textbooks for every new Hair Stylist going through, and how much it is needed to create well rounded beauty professionals.

xo Krista Leavitt - Curl Specialist