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PADi SSI Or NAUI SDI/TDI, WRSTC ... instructors get your voice heard!

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Hello all,

I call on all dive professionals to sign the petition I made on change.org in order to raise awareness of the working conditions in the diving industry and to ensure that the world of professional scuba diving respects its rules.
Indeed, the majority of instructors, including myself, work abroad.

Most of us are working under deplorable conditions: Lack of rest day, no work permit, low commissions, being pushed to finish courses within the shortest possible time and sometimes qualifying students who cannot clear masks or hover properly for the sake of getting paid. 

And the honest dive center who pay the work permit, lost money comparate to the illegal one who pay nothing at all. Not fair for them as well. 

The job of diving instructor should not be taken lightly. We are responsible for the lives and safety of our students and after have doing four, five dives per day for 1 month without day off or the minimum in the high season, we take a big risk. And sometime the only day off than we can get is when we are sick ( cold, ear infection..) . 

Unfair and unrealistic. 

Meanwhile, Dive centre owners are making great profits given that they pay almost nothing in taxes overseas, some of them even pay money directly to the local police to be able to work illegally.

The majority of the dive centers are managed by worldwide recognized associations such as PADI, SSI, even more ... and now I am calling on these associations to set up regulations and controls to supervise the quality of their work, the respect to their employees and the security of divers. 

Thank you everyone for your support.


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