Aftercare support in our maternity hospitals for postnatal depression/anxiety for mothers

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Want to start a petition for all the women of ireland who suffer/suffered from postnatal depression/anxiety/ptsd from miscarriage/loss/stillbirth/pregnancy,birth of baby,after baby is born. It is a common problem 1 in 7 women suffer from postnatal depression there is no support for women after suffering miscariage,loss,after baby mentally.I want care/aftercare to be available to every woman under the hospital they attend.Many women are suffering in silence at home today from PND and dont understand why they feel like this. They need professional support and this should be made available to them.I would like anyone effected or knows someone who has been effected to take a stand and get better treatment for the mothers in our country. There are voluntary programmes that help out in parts of the country if they can help why cant the government of this country put something in place so every single woman in ireland has support if she needs it.Women need a professional pnd specialist at a hospital who can professionally say you have a,b or c. Then explain what methods they can take conselling .cbt,medication and then brought back every couple weeks to see how they are doing.Most women i have been talking too have no idea whats wrong with them and where to start to look for help. women who have miscarriage have been told there baby has died in a scan , only to be told when they breakdown from what they have been told could they cry in the hall as they need the scan room for the next patient. I commend the maternity hospital limerick for finally getting a room but the rest of the hospitals should follow suit. When you watch someone having a miscarriage on a soap they give you a helpline to contact after programmes in ended ,have one in real life they let you cry in a hall, send you home upset with out any info for support or advice, and no conselling not even a leaflet given with helplines or what happens next.women should be able to ring there hospital or public health nurse and get support available for pnd and by the time women come forward is often at there breaking point after trying so hard to do this and hope it will just pass only to be told by there maternity hospital there isnt much they can do only refer to mainstream hospital where they waiting times is over 4 months.If it was implented in  the maternity hospitals women would automatically know where to go for help and be given professional advice the women of our country deserve for their mental health to be looked after as much as their physical health.

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