Reopen Delhi University Immediately!

Reopen Delhi University Immediately!

1 February 2022
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Prof Yogesh Singh ( Vice chancellor, Delhi University ) and
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Why this petition matters

Started by Vidhi Aggarwal

Delhi university has been closed since two years and since then very few measures have been taken by the administration to reopen it.

  • Educational institutions should be priority for any nation Even UNICEF is saying that "Schools Should Be The Last To Close And The First To Reopen first". When Hotels, restaurants, wine shops, mall, pub and other entertainment institutions are open then why our Colleges are closed ?
  • Campus exposure is more important to learn and gain skills. What about the students who are into curricular activites like dance, debate and sports? Online classes are just spoiling our future.
  • Students cannot sit in front of computers and mobile screens for 5 - 6 hours. Even every student do not have acess to mobile and computers which segregrates them from attending classes.
  • Students are facing mental traumas , depression, anxiety attacks and lack of emotional strength which provokes suicidal tendencies in students.
  • Students have been suffering physical, mental and emotional harassment through online classes.
  • Students with mental and/or physical disabilities have been suffering as an online mode doesnt work for them.
  • Our youth will be interacting as global citizen across the world where the other students have not suffered due to closure of universities.

School in Telengana have opened, which is start to reopening of all other educational institution as the cases decrease. All Educational Institutions in Tripura opened on Monday. Many states are following the same but DU still hasn't circulated any notice of reopening, despite being closed for almost two years.

School kids are as much vulnerable to the virus as the College Youth, if not more. Then why is it still shut?

We the Student Community of Delhi University Reject the Online Education. Stop Digital Divide! Give our campus back !

#reopendu #giveourcampusback #delhiuniversity

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Signatures: 446Next Goal: 500
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