ACCOUNTABILITY: Bring leaders in Nigeria to book

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Dear President and Vice President,

How do you sleep at night? How can you even smile with your loved ones knowing that others have lost theirs because of weak policies! Children were on their way back from school, husbands were hurrying home to meet family some people were travelling, some were hawking, some pregnant women were in there, innocent drivers were running errands for their bosses, people were randomly darting about on the 28th of June.

We are petitioning the government to bring defective leaders who do not have strict policies in their areas of governance to book.

In this case, The Minister of Transportation and the Corps Marshal of Road Safety for not creating and implementing laws for heavy vehicles such as lorries; fuel tankers; waste disposal trucks; food trucks and several others to move at night. 

These vehicles parade themselves in the day time at the expense of innocent citizens. 

Why do we have leaders if there is no room for Accountability? We live in a democratic country and we need answers we need solutions! People die everyday, children are abducted everyday, herdsmen are killing innocent indigenes. 

If truly we have leaders we demand solution. 

Please sign this petition if you demand ACCOUNTABILITY in Nigeria, Sign this petition if you demand answers, solutions for what the government is putting us through, sign this petition if you want to stop the nonsense in Nigeria, sign this petition if you have been deeply affected, sign this petition if you will like to see justice and judgement served right

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