Stellenbosch University must make shuttles accessible to students living off campus

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In South Africa student safety has become a great concern, especially for students who make use of public transport and live off campus. DASO Stellenbosch believes in the important role that education plays in the lives of students and calls on Stellenbosch University to:

  • Extend shuttle routes to students living off campus to promote equal access to the institution's shuttle services.
  • Put systems in place for students living off campus during exams and winter in the interest of making the system more efficient and caring towards those who face transportation problems.
  • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders such as the SRC and local council in an attempt to advance a collective effort when it comes to solving this important student issue.

We call on students, parents, and community members to support this petition to keep students safe and to ensure that access to Stellenbosch University shuttles is broadened to accommodate more students at our university.