The new semester system shouldn't mean less term time: BRING BACK READING WEEKS

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Semesterisation this year has meant that our three terms have changed into two semesters. Somehow in this process we have lost two weeks of our art school year as our reading weeks have been taken away. During reading weeks the studios and library were kept open and extra activities planned by the student union. 

This time of year is when we have GI and Open House Festival in Glasgow, two events students at GSA often get involved in, especially in the later years of our degree. It's also the time of year when students run for president. This year only one fourth year student has put themselves forward. This shows how the pressures on time are affecting students being able to get involved in these important things.

And least we forget...once we get to fourth year two weeks less time to do your degree show is pretty significant! 

Two weeks less studio access. Two weeks less workshop access. We don't want our time squeezed as well as our resources.

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