University Of Pretoria to have contact classes.

University Of Pretoria to have contact classes.

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Started by Mahlatse Malatji

To whom it may concern.


Let us begin by taking back the hands of time. I mean how were our daily lives governed 3 years ago. Things were different, different in the sense that we conduct ourselves today. From the way we speak, the way we eat, and most importantly the way in which our schooling system is. Have you considered the past national pass rates, our drop-out rates and our unemployment rate. Consider the past matric pass rates over the 3 years: 

"2019: 81% pass rate, 2020: 76% pass rate, 2021: 76% pass rate. South Africa's unemployment rate rose to 34.9% in the third quarter of 2021, up from 34.4% in the previous period."

The theme to this sporadic issue is as a result of the pandemic. It has negatively impacted the learning environment of millions of people. The introduction to online learning has become an obstacle to many. It has highlighted the socio-economic issues of this country. It has become a gateway for: " The Poor VS the Rich". A slow internet connection or load shedding issue means that you have relinquished a vital lesson for the day. In the old norm such issues were not faced with. Tests are online, what does this imply about the integrity of the papers. Are we learning something while we are at the hands of Dr Google and Prof Wikipedia? I believe not. 


Yes, it remains a fact that the pandemic still lives amongst us, although we have protocols that we live according to in order to minimize the consequences. One major protocol which is deffering us from having contact classes is Social Distancing. Our basic education sector has way surpassed this protocol. They have eliminated the 0.5m social distancing in classes. What makes it difficult for the higher education sector to follow in their path? Our political sector is a jest. The rule is 0.5m social distancing in queues and schools, yet full capacity in the transport sector is. Is our transport sector more important than our Education sector? Our future! Our economy! 


Let us alleviate this online learning platform and follow this flawless pace that is set by our Basic Education Sector. 


We strive for *Full contact classes and an end to this Online learning environment*!



I thank you all.

74 have signed. Let’s get to 100!