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Ambrose Kinuthia started this petition to Prof. Stephen Kiama

forward this to _VC-UoN,DVC-UoN,Dean of Students UoN, University President._

I am not a student leader but ,I have a burning issue in my heart as a 1st Year. Some of us may fear to express their feelings about online learning and the services offered currently at UoN....ok...but let me do it on their behalf.��

The University of Nairobi admitted over 5000 new students 2020/21.Superb!!!�.Since we started our registration and orientation programme ,some of us have been facing serious and critical challenges like;

1. *Telkom lines* are good but the internet connection is quite disturbing in terms of processing , loading information on Google etc.

2. *The registration of courses deadline* is on 23rd October 2020,but still a good number of students have no idea on this.Its a big challenge to many students though some did it excellently
3. *Meeting &class* *attendance**. During Orientation a fraction of students used to attend the meeting for instance 450/5000+ students,,,,what about the remaining 4500+ who never attended the meeting ���.The same issue applies to class attendance.���

4. **Missing lessons and links**Some lecturers send us the links to attend the classes but they fail to do so even when the class is full���
Some students never receive links through their *emails,* mostly we depend on various _Whatsapp groups_ for class
invitation links.Quite disheartening ���

5. *E-library*,We are unable to access and _download_ the e-journals,etc from the library online.Yes,we have created accounts but y this���

Anyway,the list is too long ,but I have decided to summarize it.

Comrades ,why do we suffer like this.We have already paid our fees for this semester.Since the academic year commenced on 21st Sep 2020,we have been having stressful days and nights.How shall our brothers and sisters never attended the orientation and classes can be helped to catch up with others,surely?How can the University administration cater for the disadvantaged students from marginalized counties where there is poor network if we rely on using Telkom lines���?

Why can't the University stop this online learning till the time everything goes ok,then we resume to face to face learning?

We are first years,we have not adapted to this culture of online learning etc.

Kindly , assist us to have a stress free learning environment.

#ifikie school president
#ifikie all 1st year comrades
#ifikieUON comrades.

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