Withdraw IVF Ban

Withdraw IVF Ban

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Started by Karen Butler

Due to COVID-19 there is currently a ban on all elective surgeries, including IVF, without any definitive time frame on when this ban will be lifted. 

Recently there was an exemption to this ban to allow anyone currently mid way through a cycle to complete that cycle, and also anyone needing eggs retrieved for preservation that would be receiving medical treatment that would render eggs unviable. 
For anyone needing to start a new cycle for any other reason, this is currently denied under this ban. 

There are many misconceptions about why women/men/couples need IVF. It is simply not because couples have waited too late in life to have children, in reality there are many complex issues, some of which I would like to point out.

For example some women in their early 20's are experiencing premature menopause, some have battled childhood cancer, endometriosis, adenomyosis, congenital malformations such as being born without a uterus or fallopian tubes, the list is endless and like all conditions/diseases, no one asked to be born this way and to live a life in turmoil with having a condition/disease they have to battle everyday. Time is of the essence, most women simply do not have time to wait, tomorrow is not a given, nor is time guaranteed, not to anyone. 
I would like to acknowledge our LBGT community who under this ban are completely discriminated against for not being provided the opportunity to start a family. 

The current ban on IVF makes absolutely no sense because majority of our IVF clinics here in South Australia operate from their own clinic and day surgery, posing absolutely no risk to the public or private hospital sector. As pointed out by Professor Tremellen from Repromed SA on ABC Live with Ali Clarke, Repromed only operate as an outpatient and do not have the capabilities to handle inpatients let alone COVID19 patients. 

Our Prime Minister is wanting to protect families during this time, however this ban is quite contradicting and is not protecting families at all, nor is it protecting our future families. In fact it is taking the chance for some to have their own family completely away. Currently as we stand we are facing medical discrimination and scrutiny and this needs to be rectified.

Please lift the ban on IVF, as not doing so will have a lasting negative impact on a lot of people currently struggling with infertility. 

3,349 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!