Undue salary, wages, or allowances to MPs & MLAs be in Election Manifesto '19

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My petition is representing the voice of consumers of the services provided by the political leadership represented in the Parliament: Citizens have been clamouring and demanding the withdrawal of high salaries, perks, and services that the Parliamentarians have been unduly acquiring and appropriating to themselves by just raising their hands in unison.

The objective of contents of my Petition is to openly discuss the issues and demand solution in the form of promises of the political leaders in the election fray for Parliament to commit through their Elections Manifestos, which, if not taken up for resolution in the Parliament could be challenged in the competent court of judicature. There are issues of no less importance e.g. the illegal and against the Constitution of India the diversion of unclaimed "personal" money of consumers like the Public Provident Funds, lying with insurance companies (IRDA), Postal Bank/Insurance, Department of Trade & Taxes, etc. etc. that is running into trillions of rupees, are the ones I have raised in the Petition for inclusion in the in Election Manifesto '19. There is a strong urgency of differentiating the definition of "Personal" assets/money with that of the Public Assets/Money which the political parties are abusing for diversion of money. Strengthening of RTI, Consumer Protection Act 1986 (Consumer Protection Councils & CWF) is necessary, Deletion or abrogation of the National Anti-profiteering Act as ultra vires of the Constitution.