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Mitigation of Water Crisis in India

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The people of India particularly large swath of rural India is facing severe water crisis since last few decades. With Global Warming looming large India will be affected most particularly the rural India dependent on Agriculture. The present agrarian distress across India is also partly due to water stress in various river basins. In this situation country's political establishment is totally indifferent to this monumental crisis. Our request to the Indian National Congress and all other parties to address this water crisis in a holistic manner in their manifesto for 2019 election.

Till date water crisis has been addressed from the Engineering Industries perspective, as a result we see large number of Dams and Canals with increasing water shortages. Since 2012 the draft National water policy has not been finalized. Immediately national water policy and programs need to be formulated keeping in mind all stakeholders requirement in Integrated River Basin Management line not in the line of another engineering mega project River Linking Project or not in piece meal basis like previous micro-watershed programs. Immediate attention is required to address this critical resource for the survival of the nation.