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The new era is getting ready to raise above and it is our time to move on. To establish new ways what we think not possible is going to be possible. Unless we have to adopt them with right thinking and reasoning otherwise it will makes its own way. It's time to accept our mistakes and wrong doings what we have done up to now to correct ourselves.

  • Educational System

Everyone has right to get proper education. Don't make it belongs to particular section of people. Fill it with morals, ethical values in it to produce grate leaders to people.  

  • Protection to women   

            We are failing every time to protect our women. So far our efforts are become useless. This shows that we are not trying to remove roots of the problem. If we want to fill a pot with water first clean it otherwise water also become pollute. Are we really will to do to take every action to stop crimes?. If it is internet or cinema or mens mind set or sowing the ethical and moral seeds in our people or others. Are we ready to take actions?

  • Even law

If we talk about real equality it comes doing justice people not just in mere words. Few section of people commits crime, case continue for decades, this shows that justice for everyone not same. It gives wrong message to people to encourage to commit more crime. People need punishment to realise their mistake and to correct their way not mearly going to jail and comming out.

  • Population pollution

A vehicle filled with lot more than it's capacity, it might get accident or other problems will araise. Likewise for overloaded country its hard to feed control creating living hood and opportunities. Now or never

  • People hospital

Hospitals are meant for service to the people but they lost their track then it becomes hard people to live and survive. Take actions put them in track. Majority of hospital bill fills with medicines so establish quality public pharmacies.

  • Accepting truth about jobs

To run a country or organisation it need few people not everyone from country or organisation but to become successful it needs everyone contribution. Time to show people realities about jobs and opportunities. If it not possible to create jobs for everyone, so create new ways to live for others.

  • Restoration of whether

How much we advances in technology, science and economical ways but basic needs won't change. Air ,water and land are needs to be pollution free. Humans have survived so long based on basic sources not because of technology stuff etc. We lived so long without the technology and can live further also but without food we can live weeks, without water days and without air minutes.

  • Reestablish economy

The most dramatic center for our all problems is present global economic way. To sustain economically people conserved every resorce we have but why to wait to say no to the old ways and invite new ways. If it rechaces critical point their is nothing to do. Just wake up.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!