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The fact that PESSE students are permitted for interviews in PESIT is not acceptable.

If PES claims to be professional , why isn't anybody on the board proactive in getting companies that recruit from even tier 3 city colleges ? Why does a PESSE student get the same opportunity as a PESIT student despite the sea of difference in grading system and entrance criteria ?

It can be seen that on an average 50% of the candidates appearing for the selection process of a job in PESIT are from PESSE. It may seem very surprising as to how that number was achieved.But the methods used are very simple: increase the Cut off for PESIT students until they equal about half of the total candidates the company requested

In a very recent example of interviews conducted for mechanical engineering branch, 

Total Pesse students allowed for recruitment process - 38

Total Pesit students allowed for recruitment process - 27

GPA Cutoff PESSE - 70%

GPA Cutoff PESIT -  8.93 

Pesit students placed - 4
Pesse students placed - 1

Success rate Pesit - 15%
Success rate Pesse - 3%

Think about how many deserving students from PESIT missed out just because of a GPA cut off which is so High.

Its about time we stand up against this system and claim our rightful place in the order of the institute.This problem is going to affect every single job aspiring student .

I'm not sure if any of you feel the same way, but its terribly disappointing that the placement scene happens to be the way it is. Our opinions can make a difference if all of us stand together as a unit.

I request the students of PESIT to realise that change is only possible if every single student acknowledges the problem and expresses his honest opinions on this issue.


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