Petition Update

Organizing for food stuffs

Michael Waiyaki
Nairobi, Kenya

Aug 30, 2013 — So far I have collected from friends Kshs.7,070 in pledges and Kshs.15,000/- in cash to go towards Mzwanenyi Primary to help them get some food and hold on as we seek Government intervention. Keep sharing the petition if you have foodstuffs get in-touch with us. We need it. Food Appeal:

Mzwanenyi Primary needs FOOD - Help
Mzwanenyi Primary needs FOOD - Help
Its 5:38pm Saturday afternoon. Just had a restful day, from all my trips. I also just finished my second banana of the day and now having yogurt. How many out there would be spoiled for choice on what they were to eat? They are many right, but also there those who dont have and whatever...