Appeal to University for fee concession and date extension of fee deposit.

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With the College having decided to collect full fees from existing students for the upcoming Odd Semester 2020 it is important to bring to the notice of the authorities that when the lockdown was imposed, most of our curriculum had to be covered through online teaching. Considering the apprehended long term impact of the pandemic we can expect that we will be having online classes until and unless the present pandemic situation is under control.
Keeping this in mind, it is to be noted that in relation to online tutoring, there are many facilities ,
otherwise offered by the university as part of wholesome teaching-learning experience, with the commitment of the overall development of the student, which in the current situation every student is being deprived of.
We as students of the esteemed Institution , believing it strives to work towards our wholesome development,would like to make a humble request regarding the fee structure and the stipulated time period for payment provided to us for the following semester.
It is known that the Lockdown for prevention purposes is causing a disturbance in the employment sector leading to reduced or no salaries for the past three months. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and because of the Lockdown, more than 70% of the businesses are in vain, there is no source of income from the past three months. The university has a large number of students whose parents are involved in various businesses and other jobs where they might be facing certain financial difficulties as aforesaid and they won't be able to gather such a huge amount in such a short period of time.
We request you to not only consider extension of the time for the fee deposition but also grant the 50% CONCESSION in the fees.
Hence, we would also like to request the University to kindly extend the time period for the payment of feesor keep the option for making the payment in installments or make a provision for payment once the situation comes back to normal.

We would be highly grateful if the Institution accepts the suggestion made through this petition for the benefit of the Students in this time of Pandemic Crisis.