Cancellation of BPUT Exam

Cancellation of BPUT Exam

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akshay mohanty started this petition to Prof. (Dr.) Chita Ranjan Tripathy Vice Chancellor BPUT

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Reasons for Cancellation of BPUT Online Exam


·        There are a lot of students from outside of Odisha, they don’t have any proper facility as mentioned by BPUT. They want to come to college to give the exam but they are not able to do so due to transportation problems.


·        Some are living in rural areas of different cities of the country where the Network is not stable.


·        Many students kept their books in PG’s, Hostel, and other rooms and went to their homes but the situation got worse and now everyone is in lockdown.


·        We can only refer printed book but there's no particular book for a particular paper we have to refer to two or three books at least which we can't do during an examination.


·        That to those who are staying outside doesn't have any single book with them so they have to either come to college to take that from the library(but that's also not sure if the library has those books or not) or buy the books which are costly too as notes or materials are not allowed even.Per book it cost almost range between Rs 1,000 to Rs 4,000


·        If we are referring to book so obviously we have to look down but then we will be warned to face webcam so how's it even possible to face two things at a time


·        There is no clear mention of reference book names. Only written Indian standard books. What if the students are not having proper books and materials with them? Who will be held responsible?


·        If also we will be provided 2-3 Books per exam within 2 hours we can’t able to search and answer then as In MCQ we need to write to the point answer.


·        There's a technical issue if any we have to consult to the proctor assigned but we have to either call him or chat on the screen provided but chatting is a slow process that we can't do within such a limited time and also we can't call them as we will be again warned by Al.


·        Problem - we will get only 15 min to solve the technical issue what if it doesn't get resolved within that time because we won't be given any extra time as mentioned.


·        what if the student had only appeared 5-10 questions and he/her paper get submitted due to internet issues or the screen freezing as earlier claimed by students then will he/she will be evaluated based upon those questions only then he will be failed and he can again appear in offline mode which is not yet decided then he will be called as a back paper student.


·        Its written that university is not responsible for time lost due to the malfunctioning of the system. So students for their safety would opt for going to centers and giving exam their so that if any technical glitch occurs center would take care of it but many students are in containment zone it’s not possible for them to travel and many centers are far away from us We cannot risk our exam as well as our health.


·        No network company gives 100% assurance of internet connectivity that means our exams are at risk if the connectivity issue occurs and our answers don’t get saved.


·        Many of us will give an exam at cyber café is it ever possible to get noise-free over there.


·        A network connection is still the biggest concern in rural Odisha. How people will confirm that network is uninterrupted. If not then they will have to wait for the offline exam which may hamper joining dates in companies. Students may lose their job due to uncertainty in the offline exam.


·        If there's continuous warning due to slow internet connectivity and to face the camera while we are looking at books then those warnings will be taken into consideration. So which means there will be 100+ warnings at least for a particular student.


·        How the presence of any other person in the same room will be avoided. Many students are living in joint families and don’t have personal rooms that can guarantee that any other person will not be present in the same room. We can’t make all the family members restricted from a room for this much time. As its home it’s impractical. They may say that person should not be present near the laptop. But no person in the room is impractical.


·        What will happen if rain starts no network will work and in this season if any power hamper happens in rural Odisha it won’t come for 1-2 days.


·        Disabling antivirus and firewalls is quite risky and also they are asking to install a small software in point-6 of Notice (2) then who will be responsible if that software is having any malware or virus because we can't detect as we are not having antivirus now.


·        The exam service provider doesn’t have a good credibility in the market, he did bogus marking and failed a lot of students intentionally cases and lodged and he is also blacklisted (Supportive documents are attached).


·        Many of us are going to borrow laptops from our relatives or friends so disabling antivirus without their permission is not possible because data loss occurs if any then who will be responsible. After all, it's there are personal data and sensitive from whom we borrowed.


·        Some students have already joined their respective company so now they are having their company details or sensitive information related to their company so if that information gets leaked due to any virus then they are not only going to lose their job but also are going to face legal issues.


·        People are having Gmail details or even e-pay details they may be a victim of cybercrime due to this because we are trusting a third party who is already a fail earlier.


·        How come there will be a guarantee that the proctors manual and auto will be fully correct and do not accuse the student with false warnings by mistake.

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