QMUL management, address the grievances of staff raised by UCU

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We call upon the leadership of Queen Mary University of London to take every necessary step to address the grievances that have prompted the University and College Union’s industrial action.

We are appalled to learn that, in the last decade, despite sky-high tuition fees leading QMUL’s income to double:

  • Staff pay has fallen by 21% in real terms, and that there are grotesque pay gaps for women (13%) and BAME employees (29%);
  • Staff pensions have been slashed three times, with the latest proposed cut costing the members £240,000 – which will leave many in poverty in their old age;
  • 69% of QMUL staff are on precarious contracts, meaning they have no real security of employment;
  • Workload is out of control, with staff forced to work two days extra per week unpaid, taking a massive toll on their physical and mental health;
  • Bullying and harassment are rampant at QMUL, with 44% of staff witnessing at least one incident in the past year.

When staff are treated so appallingly, students suffer. Exhausted, bullied and underpaid staff, worrying about their next contract or fearing for their dignity in old age, cannot provide a quality education to students. Nor can they provide for the public benefit: their work as inventors, public lecturers, media commentators, museum curators, civil society advisors and more must suffer.

Universities are richer than ever. It is a choice to treat staff like this – and it is a terrible choice.

We stand in solidarity with striking staff, and hold university managers entirely responsible for the disruption to campus lifeWe call on the Principal of Queen Mary, Professor Colin Bailey, to:

  • Exert maximum pressure on the employer bodies, UUK and UCEA, to engage in meaningful talks with UCU on national pay and pension issues; and
  • Take all necessary steps to resolve issues where local action is possible, such as on inequalities, casualisation and workload.