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Reduce Microwave Radiation (Antenna Towers, Wi-Fi, mobile devices) Exposure Limits by a Factor of 100

In 2013 then AMA President Steve Hambleton said about microwave radiation, ‘... if we can minimise exposure … it’s probably a good idea’.[1] Current exposure standards are based on thermal effects or the cooking of flesh. This may have been relevant when they were derived just after World War II and microwaves were confined to military operations. Today telco antennas emit microwaves next door to our bedroom or workplace. Countries including Russia, Italy, Lithuania and Poland have implemented microwave exposure limits 100 times lower than Australia. They have responsibly followed the science demonstrating biological effects at minute exposure levels. These countries are mitigating health damage to their citizens. The World Health Organization has classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B).[2] For the health and freedom of Australians let us by 2017 turn down the ‘volume’ on our proliferating microwave towers by implementing microwave radiation exposure limits 100 times lower than they are today.

Passive-exposure radiation from towers, Wi-Fi, WiMAX and personal mobile devices is analogous to passive cigarette smoke exposure. We can see cigarette smoke and choose to move away from it. The average citizen has no indication what the radiation levels are and the ubiquity of exposure means there is no option to move away. As more Australians experience a health decline notably correlating with device use, living near a tower and office Wi-Fi it becomes even more urgent for responsible action from the AMA. The AMA is accountable to act per the AMA advocacy.

A legal minefield looms. In 2016 a person experiencing ‘mystery’ symptoms including insomnia, headaches, tingling in the extremities and brain fog will visit a doctor and be derided. There are hundreds of cases where a patient is ridiculed due to the physician’s lack of knowledge. The physician does not know and shows no interest in determining the causes of the patient’s illness. Drugs may be erroneously prescribed and the patient is disempowered further. They visit doctor after doctor seeking a solution. How can doctors ignore quality (untainted by industrial sponsorship) science such as the BioInitiative Report 2012 (29 international authors – mostly MDs and PhDs) to keep them up to date with research and new findings? The European Economic and Social Committee recognises 3-5% of Europeans experience electro-sensitivity.[3] It is overdue that doctors step up their professional competencies in medicine involving multiple environmental factors.

Core knowledge for a physician includes:
1. Cumulative effects – Studies have shown cumulative microwave exposure causes a slowdown of subject work function (behavioral decline) and then eventually a complete failure to respond.[4]
2. Chronic illness – Studies of cultures show pathological organisms dominate when exposed to electromagnetic radiation. The ‘mystery’ illnesses such as Lyme-like infections and Ricketts for instance are linked to electromagnetic radiation toxicity. Studies show mould generates far more toxicity when radiation exposed.
3. Genotoxicity – Research shows genotoxicity occurs at minute exposure levels potentially leading to altered cellular function, cancer and cell death.[5]
4. Electromagnetic hypersensitivity has similarities with multiple chemical sensitivity – relating to underlying changes of the nervous system.

ARPANSA have inadequate resources to monitor the burgeoning of antenna towers around the country. Years ago we had 3G. Today the 3G antennas from years ago continue emitting radiation. Then we add the proliferation of 4G towers. With multiple telcos each having various frequency bands on the spectrum we end up with biology-altering background levels even before we place a mobile phone against our ear. Regulations have not kept up with the boom. In 2020 we are expecting 5G to be added with even higher power density levels. In parts of towns and cities hundreds of emitted signals overlay such that our nervous system is exposed to a resultant power density comparable to sleeping with a mobile phone under our pillow. In 2016 we do not need to be on our mobile phone for three hours a day to be absorbing ‘heavy device user’ levels of radiation. If we interpolate using the conservative 3% of Europe’s estimation of 3-5% above there are over 693,900 Australians experiencing electro-sensitivity symptoms. Many are chronically ill. It makes financial sense that Australian citizens are healthy and able to contribute rather than burdening the medical system.

Noting the Australian Medical Association advocacy:
- working with governments to increase and maintain provision of world class medical care to all Australians
- tracking and reporting government performance on health policy, financing and services
- challenging governments on policy that potentially harms the interests of patients
- leading the health policy debate by developing and promoting alternative policies to those government policies
- providing informed, expert medical commentary on health issues
- responds to issues in the health debate through provision of a wide range of expert resources
- commissioning and conducting research on health issues

It is time the AMA ‘challenge governments on policy that potentially harms the interests of patients’, ‘provide informed, expert medical commentary on health issues’ and ‘respond to issues in the health debate through provision of a wide range of expert resources’ by:

1. Calling on Prime Minister Turnbull, The Hon Sussan Ley MP (Minister for Health), Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield (Minister for Communications), ARPANSA and the ACMA to reduce microwave radiation exposure limits by 100 times by 2017. This acknowledges the science indicating biological effects occurring at far lower levels than thermal indications. We would match Russia in regulating levels and mitigating harmful effects on our citizens. The encumbrance on the Australian health system would be reduced. 100 times reduction is a technically feasible strategy allowing us to maintain the modern communication style of which we’ve become accustomed.

2. Updating professional training – doctors around the country to continue research in the area of multiple environmental factors with an importance given to microwave radiation exposure and zoonotic infections as contributing factors.

3. Provide safe, high quality and respectful care per the Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights – to patients.


Technical refer:


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This petition was delivered to:
  • Prime Minister of Australia
    Malcolm Turnbull
  • President Australian Medical Association
    Prof Brian Owler
  • Vice President Australian Medical Association
    Dr Stephen Parnis
  • Chair Australian Medical Association
    Dr Elizabeth Feeney
  • Prime Minister
    Hon Malcolm Turnbull
  • Minister for Health
    Hon Sussan Ley MP
  • ARPANSA CEO (via Nick Adamopoulous)
    Carl-Magnuss Larsson
    Ken Karipidis

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