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Bring back destination Cross River

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Bring Back Destination Cross River




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My follow CrossRiverians...

In marking our 50th Anniversary since we have nothing to show for it like Lagos State did few days ago and are planning for more in the coming weeks/months/yrs.

We in CRS have decided to change the Logo and the globally accepted logo of the state to one represented by "AN ANGRY REDBULL ATTACKING 18 STARs" with the following reasons.


1). Our slogan Destination Cross River is no longer valid as, we have destroyed Tourism in the state,

As seen in Tinapa, 11 11, Marina resort, Obudu Ranch, the road to Obudu and all the waterfalls in the state. We have restricted movement in and out of the Old Residence (Calabar Museum) as you may have read on social media we are considering relocating the structure very soon.

Calabar is no longer GREEN and Clean, as we can no longer evacuate refuse as expected of a government, we close down CUDA so that our names will not be mentioned for not paying workers salary and contractors.

We can no longer determined when safe and colourless water will run in your pipes,. All these are expectations of a tourism state which our dear state was known for before 2015.


2). Peace and safety. People (both visitors and residents) are no longer safe in CR as we parade caskets on winning election judgement wishing our fellow citizens dead, we allow cult boys to kill people anyhow they like, arm robbery at anytime of the day, street crimes are on the increase, kidnapping is occurring in the state, street lighting are no longer common, with all these will you say the state is safe and should be tagged the people's Paradise?


3). Fresh Air and Clean environment: We are sorry we can't continue to guaranty both visitors and residents fresh air and clean environment, that is why the sight of heaps of refuse are common in Calabar and other major towns across the state.


4). Our LGAs governance structures and their federal allocation have been caged, so much so that the LGA governance that citizens and others people used to look up to and even make reference to interms of leadership, projects etc is no longer the same.


5). Our inspiration to change the logo is from our governor frequent trips to European Countries (the origin of the stars just like EU flag) the Red from China as their companies have agreed to come to CR to do business with us including Seaport and Superhighway etc. You will bear with us that is normal to borrow logos items from those countries we go to spend CR money during MOU trips, as well as borrow something from China so that during their contract execution in CRS and their flag is hosted no difference will be spotted with ours.


My fellow CrossRiverian there are many reasons to change our logo and slogan from

#DestinationCrossRiver to #AngryRedBull.

You will bear with me that the best time to do that is NOW, especially this month that our dear state will be marking 50yrs anniversary.

#BasedontheAbove we have decided to change the slogan/

logo from.....#DestinationCrossRiver to .... #Angry Red Bull.

After reading the above and below points on the rationale and meaning of the logo you will advise us better.

The Red indicates Danger (High crime rates, Bloodshed, cult violence) etc. A closer look at the new but proposed logo shows that the collective progress/ interest which are the STARS or 18 LGAs have now been caged in one place with the State Law for LGAs that gives the state Authority to manage LGAs federal allocations and the Angry Red Bull is in the middle is busy attacking them.

Now with the recent appointment of DG for Branding, I am sure he is ready to take your comments and views on the new logo. If you don't want your Stars and LGAs to be caged, please say so and do the spiritual declaration Now.


Today I declare my STARS shall Not be attack by any Man made Art works. #iStandWithDestinationCrossRiver

#SayNoToRedBullLogo #SayNoToNewCRSLogo



Pls don't read and just like the post or look the other way or bring in sentiment as usual/ typical of us in Nigeria. Take action NOW.

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