No exams for academic year 2019-20, Lucknow University.

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The problem is that the students of Lucknow University have not completed their course and LU is conducting exams at this point where it can be hazardios for the students and they have high chances for them to get in the trap of COVID-19, many students have to cover a great distance just to reach their respective colleges even if one student gets in contact with any person who is already infected that student will not only be a bomber for other students but also for the faculty and society. 

What we want from the University is that they should cancel the examination for all not just for the first year or second year like other University and take care of their students. 

Staff members of Lucknow University have also been tested COVID positive, what if even one faculty member who is in contact with the students spread the virus? 

Please realize the risk at this moment not just for the students but also for the society as well as the faculty members. 

We hope that our voice would he heard by the respected Vice-Chancellor and the Exam Controller of Lucknow University and they ensure that the students are safe and sound as we are the future of this country.