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Develop and distribute reusable eco friendly containers for shoppers.

We are killing our planet with all the trash and poisons we are putting out into the world. Plastic never disintegrates, pesticides are deforming and killing our amphibians, which is a bio indicator that we are killing ourselves. I envision a world with no trash. We repair, reuse, or donate what we no longer use, and we stop producing so much STUFF and live more simply. If a beautiful Belizean family with 10 children, whose entire home fits on my back patio, can live perfectly content in a small city in Belize, raising chickens and cocoa beans, and only riding a bike or walking for transportation. If THEY can live happily and thrive, why can't we?  I saw only TWO televisions during my 10 day trip to Belize. Both had a fuzzy signal and I realized I had not even thought about missing all the hours I had spent at home  on my couch in front of the television back in the US. I was living life, instead of watching it on tv. I love the United States. I am a US Army Veteran and Colorado will always be my home. And it would be wonderful if we could implement some small changes to clean up our beautiful state and country even more!

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Develop and distribute reusable eco friendly containers for shoppers to take to the market and fill, instead of buying pre-packaged products. Even better, customers can take their own suitable containers from home.

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