Produce Lucas’s “Whills” sequel trilogy (40 years in the making) as a separate timeline.

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George already wrote it. Lucasfilm is sitting on it. Let’s give them a positive signal, tell them it’s easy money. #MakeGeorgesSequels

In the mid-1970s, George Lucas conceived of Star Wars as a nine-episode science-fantasy series, presented by godlike historians known as the Whills. The original trilogy told the “Hero’s Journey” of Luke Skywalker, the prequels told the fall of Anakin/Vader, and Lucas’s sequel trilogy remains unproduced. 

  • “The Adventures of Luke Starkiller – as taken from the Journal of the Whills – Saga I: Star Wars…” —George Lucas, Star Wars (4th Draft), 1976
  • “The [sequel trilogy], what happens to Luke, is much more ethereal.” —George Lucas, Time, 1978
  • “[Luke in the sequels is] on another plane of existence.” —Mark Hamill, PM Magazine, 1983
  • “The ability to defy oblivion…was accomplished by a shaman of the Whills.” —George Lucas, Revenge of the Sith (cut scene), 2005
  • “[The sequels] were to get into…creatures that operate differently than we do…the Whills…the ones who actually control the universe.” —George Lucas, James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction, 2018

George Lucas entrusted his sequel-trilogy outline with Kathleen Kennedy in the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney in 2012. She or Disney decided to go another route.

  • “I have story treatments of VII, VIII, and IX…and I have complete confidence that [Kathy will] take them and make great movies.” —George Lucas,, 2012
  • “They looked at the [sequel] stories, and they said, ‘We want to make something for the fans.’ All I wanted to do was tell a story of what happened.” —George Lucas, CBS This Morning, 2015
  • “I came on board, and Disney already decided they didn’t want to go [with Lucas’s story]; the mandate was to start from scratch.” —JJ Abrams, Slashfilm, 2015

We, as fans and customers of Star Wars, petition Disney Lucasfilm to produce George Lucas’s “Whills” sequel trilogy, as a separate timeline from their new canon of sequels, and as closely as possible to the vision Lucas refined over the last four decades and penned in 2012. A visual medium for the trilogy is preferred: live-action films (with new or CGI actors as needed), animated features, or graphic novels. A prose novel or simply publication of the raw outline would be a welcome minimum. Thank you.