Justice for john-paul

Justice for john-paul

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Started by Anthea Rhynd

On Sunday 4th November at approx 2pm my son was passenger in a green Citroen berlingo van travelling home a 2 mile journey from his grandparents house with his father.  My son was in his car seat in the front passenger seat. He was in the correct seat , and forward facing and police have confirmed this also (just to clear up people's comments I have seen )

Upon approaching a tight bend in the road he met an asco hgv lorry on the other side. Seconds after approaching the bend and the front of the lorry on the other side of the road a white darcia car reared out from behind the lorry at approx 50-60mph and reared onto his side which left him no option  but to the slam the breaks on. Within seconds the 2 vehicles collided head on and resulted in my son gaining a serious head injury due to the impact of the collision. 

We are now awaiting confirmation of full extent of physical body damages to my son but due to swelling at the moment doctors are unable to get a full picture of the extent of Inurys. 


This has left my son's eyes swollen shut, extreme bruising and cuts to his face. 

His face is now unrecognizable. 


I want to ensure justice for this as at it stands the person who is fully at fault could only receive a fine, but with the help of this it will stand in court as a community and may receive a Harder punishment. 


This is ridiculous having to go to this level to push it as  this is no justice for a 3 year olds severe life altering damages !!


I am now petitioning for harder sentencing. And would appreciate every single signature we can get to make this happen.


Even if this petition just makes the driving laws harder it is worth it. Nobody deserves to never return home from the roads and after losing my brother on the same road ten years ago I couldn't cope losing my son to. As a mother it is heartbreakinh to watch the after math of the crash. 

6,159 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!