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STOP SUPPORTING ALEC, funded by the Koch Brothers, or FACE BOYCOTT!

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These corporations, despite the fact that Coca Cola, Pepsi and Kraft have dropped support for ALEC, are standing with ALEC out of arrogance. They don’t believe a boycott could impact them. NO corporation is immune to boycott. They need money to survive, even the biggest corporate giant will eventually fall and these corporations are consumer driven.

Every time you buy a bottle of Tide, you support Stand Your Ground and voter suppression ID laws. Every time you brush your teeth with an Oral-B toothbrush using Crest toothpaste and/or mouthwash, you're funding the effort to disenfranchise millions of voters. Dawn may take grease out of your way and it could also nullify your vote on Election Day.

What we've learned about boycotts, ask Rush Limbaugh, is that when they're executed properly, are almost unstoppable. There is a reason why Fox News has come running to ALEC's defense. The right wing is starting to understand that boycotts REALLY work. One consumer might not make a difference, but thousands of consumers together can reshape the marketplace.

WE MUST STOP buying products that fund the theft of our liberties and hijack our representative democracy. They're using OUR money to take away OUR rights, and it HAS TO STOP NOW!!!

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