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Petitioning Procter & Gamble the makers of Tide Pods

Procter & Gamble the makers of Tide Pods: Change warning label on all Tide Pod containers and packages to first state...If injested causes respritory distress Call 911 immediately. We want Tide...

The tide pods are extremely dangerous. They are very toxic. Yes there is a warning statement that says keep out of reach of children, but what if one is dropped accidentally and goes unnoticed? Thousands of children have been poisioned by these this year alone. According to poison control, experts are not sure why cases are so severe compared with traditional powder or liquid. The newer pods are far more toxic. Children who have biten into them have suffered severe vomiting, respritatory distress and metabolic issues as well as intestinal burns. If they were individually wrapped it would at least hinder the immediate contact with the poison. The warning label on the product is making the children sicker. It states if injested give milk and call poison control. When actually giving milk causes severe vomiting and respritory distress. A proper warning could help save children from fighting for their lives on ventilators. Please support us in signing this petetion in hopes we can save other children from swallowing these toxic pods.

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