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Stop manufacture of and remove scented menstrual products from supermarkets

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In the last two years, it has become increasingly difficult to find unscented menstrual products in supermarkets and chemists. Many believe that the 'odour neutralising technology' in scented feminine hygiene products is necessary to 'mask the smell'. However, feminine odour does not need to be masked, and can only be noticed by the person themselves, if at all. If an offensive smell presents itself, one should see a doctor, not attempt to cancel it out using scented products, as some odours are signs of infections.

The chemicals used in scented menstrual products disrupt a woman's natural pH balance, which can irritate this extremely sensitive area and commonly cause swelling, rashes and infections such as vaginal thrush and bacterial vaginosis. Frequent and close contact exposure to the perfumes used in scented products mixed with the dark, warm and moist environment creates a breeding ground for yeast bacteria.

Scientifically, the skin is the largest and thinnest organ in the body, and when it comes into contact with these substances they are absorbed into the bloodstream without being filtered or metabolised, and can easily reach delicate internal organs. Vulvar and vaginal tissues are more permeable than the rest of your skin, making them especially sensitive to chemicals used in tampons and pads. These products can contain ingredients such as:

  • synthetic musks, which are potential hormone disruptors and may inhibit cellular defences against chemicals
  • carcinogenic chemicals, such as styrene, pyridine, methyleugenol, and butylated hydroxyanisole
  • natural and synthetic zeolites, which contain high concentrations of lead and aluminium
  • polysorbate-20, which when treated with ethylene oxide can become contaminated with highly carcinogenic 1,4-dioxane
  • and phthalates such as diethyl phthalate and diisononyl phthalate, which can affect hepatic, reproductive and renal systems.

All of these chemicals are acutely toxic and cause irritation. Unfortunately, menstrual products are classed as 'medical devices', meaning companies are not required to disclose ingredients to consumers.

You wouldn't spray perfume on this area of your body, so why would you use scented pads or tampons?

Please sign this petition to help stop the manufacture of and take scented sanitary products out of shops, for the sake of female health!

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