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Boycott Procter and Gamble (P&G) until they pull their racist and anti-law enforcement Ad.

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P&G Procter and Gamble released a commercial this week as part of their, "My Black is Beautiful' campaign. It's called 'The Talk'. In the commercial P&G goes out of its way to reinforce negative law-enforcement stereotypes and is also casually racist.

In the ad a mom from the present tells her daughter what to do “when you get pulled over,” implying that police are going out of their way to harass African Americans. When the daughter explains that she is a good driver, the mother reinforces negative stereotypes of police officers by telling her “This is not about you getting a ticket. This is about you not coming home.” Another mother is shown talking to her son about to go out and asks that he have his ID in case he is stopped. Basically the ad implies that police are out to get African Americans. They imply that they will either harass them or worse kill them. It's disgusting.

They chose to release THIS commercial in a time when cops are being assassinated for simply  being in uniform or doing their job.

P&Gs ad has gone too far. It further demonizes police in our nation. What is worse is that the small children of those police will see ads like this on TV, as if their mom and/or dad are trigger happy psychopaths.

Well here is a surprise, many of P&G's customers are law enforcement as well as their families or close friends. We shouldn't buy their garbage until they pull the commercial and issue an apology to law enforcement. Gillette is overpriced anyway and Shick are sharper blades. The point of this petition is to let P&G know that this ad is unacceptable and that we are committing to not buy their products until changes are made. The Law Enforcement personnel in our country and lives deserve better.

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