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This is a grassroots effort to ban Tide PODS entirely from the market if Tide does not change their packaging.
Since we're asked all the time: NO, THIS IS ISN'T A "MEME" Why is it so hard to understand that this product is marketed in an inappropriate way that turns a simple mistake (dropping a pod on the floor on the way to the washer) into a toddler dying from lye poisoning??? 

We're calling for a ban of Tide PODS until they repackage their products to not so closely resemble candy with it's bright coloring and "gummy" style consistency, resembling a Swedish Fish more than a bar of soap. The number of cases of young people being poisoned by Tide Pods is sickening and needs to stop. NOW. This packaging not only makes it look appetizing to toddlers, but it's appearance is also responsible for a frightening new trend via social media.

Health experts are warning against a potentially deadly social media craze called “The Tide Pod Challenge,” in which participants film themselves biting into the soap-filled capsules.

“This is what started out as a joke on the Internet and now it’s just gone too far,” Ann Marie Buerkle, with the Consumer Product Safety Commission told CBS News.

In recent months, the challenge has been on the rise among teens who are eating Tide Pods —tiny, laundry detergent pouches— in the name of fun. Biting into the detergent capsules has become so popular that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission was forced to tweet out a warning: “Please don’t eat laundry pods.”

WHY ARE THESE PRODUCTS STILL ON THE SHELVES? Until Tide changes the packaging we are calling for an all-out ban on TIDE PODS. Please spread the word on social with #BanTidePods

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