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Common Pier & Beam Foundation Problems

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Foundation is the base of everything. If the foundation got some problem, the whole building is in danger. No matter whether you are considering house or office, foundations should be built with perfect planning so that in the case of any trouble they can be repaired without any hassle.

Foundation repairs can be time-consuming and costly. And if the problem has gone too far without detection and taking careful steps, it is possible that you have to spend several thousand dollars for the foundation repairs.

Foundation is made by a number of materials. The most common foundations include concrete slab foundation and the pier and beam foundation. Generally, the pier and beam foundation is mostly used because they are comparatively more stable. But these foundations also got some problems.

Common Pier & Beam Foundation Problems:

Visit foundation repair cost estimates: Don't be shocked, DIY! Below are listed some of the common problems found in the pier and beam foundations:

Sagging Floors & Shifting Beams:

Foundation settling is one of the major foundation issues which cannot only affect the pier and beam foundation but also the concrete slab foundation as well. When you suspect that the structure of your house or office is sinking or settling, consider it to be a dangerous problem because various other problems are born with it. A simple solution to deal with this problem is the installation of shims, piers, and foundation supports.

Tilting Piers:

Beams provide the support to the foundation and if the beam fails to provide that support, the foundation failure occurs because the beams began to move because of this. The best solution to get rid of this problem is to stabilize the foundation piers.

Collapsing of Concrete Piers:

If the concrete piers of the structure began to collapse, the foundation becomes uneven. Cracks in the foundation and the beam began to appear which weakens the structure. The best solution of this problem is the stabilization of the concrete piers.

Cracking Exterior Piers:

If the beams are moving and the piers have given way, the door frames usually get out of the killer. It is a common problem in these foundations and usually new beams and shims are installed to get rid of this problem. Replacing the exterior piers can also be done.

Poor Construction:

Poor construction usually results in problems in pier and beam structures. Raising the joists and foundation is the solution.

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