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Tell Proactiv to Stop Tricking and Ripping Off Consumers!

Last June I decided to try Proactive out because the company advertised a free trial. In addition to the free trial, I was told I could select from a free gift. I usually don’t take vitamins but since it was free I checked off the box for some supposedly acne-reducing vitamins. The products arrived and I didn’t see any difference in my complexion. My dermatologist then advised me not to use the products at all saying that Proactive products have been known to excessively dry out your skin and to make acne worse and not better. But I didn’t matter because it had been free.

I went away for the summer and when I retuned I found another box from Proactive in my mailbox. I didn’t pay any attention to it, assuming that it was a mistake because I had never asked Proactive to continue sending me products. After a few weeks I began receiving daily letters claiming I owed Proactive nearly $100, including $60 for another box of Vitamins that were supposed to be a free gift and which I had never signed up to receive more of either. The letters kept coming so I called the Proactive headquarters, where a receptionist repeated the same memorized script over and over again to me about how I must pay the ridiculous sum of money for products I had never requested. Worse yet, Proactive was refusing to let me return the products, saying that their return period had passed. I received letters almost daily for the past six months and now Proactive is saying they will send me to a collections agent for products I never use and never requested.

When I researched Proactive online, I found forums full of reports that Proactive had ripped them off by charging them nearly $100 per month for their products and making it difficult to cancel memberships or return their shipments:

Proactiv has billed and harassed an individual as young as 17 by claiming she and her family owed them hundreds of dollars after Proactiv refused to cease sending her their products and billing her for them. Proactiv's products are not worth even a fraction of what they are billing people for. Proactiv and all must stop its dishonest business practices! The company that produces Proactiv, Guthy-Renker has made millions of dollars ripping off their customers. One of their founders, Greg Renker, is estimated at being worth $500 million dollars: Please sign my petition to tell Proactive that it needs to stop tricking people and then claiming they owe them exorbitant sums of money!

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