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Realize their new ad can put teen girls at harm.

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This is in reference to Proactiv's new ad that states, "Got acne? Just ask your boyfriend what to do. Oh, that's right, you don't have a boyfriend."

Dear Proactiv,

In reference to the ad above: I understand the risk you took to gain attention and more customers, but you have gone too far. As a young adult that has been through depression, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide I speak up for others in the same situation: the same people that are growing up in this high standard society.

Do you really think it was right for you to put this ad out there knowing that your main customers were teens? As a teen, their self esteem is already low. I do not appreciate the fact that this will make them feel even worse and maybe even lead to the loss of their life.

What they should know is that it is okay to have acne, be fat, and to be themselves. It is not looks that will get you the guy. You are saying with this ad that you don’t have a boyfriend because you have acne. That is disgusting. Maybe they are having a hard time already trying to make their face better and your product is not even working for them and they see this ad!

This ad says that it is only right for guys to judge you for your outside appearance. "You don't have a boyfriend because you have acne." I agree that it catches your attention but it catches it in the wrong way. Teens will feel even lower in their self-esteem than usual. It will turn into, "I have acne, no boyfriend, and well I guess I am not worth it."

You need to put yourself in the heads of these teens that are willing to purchase your product before you act upon it. The teen suicide rate is already so high. Are you willing to risk more teen’s lives just by putting this ad up?

Did you know that your product did not work for me? I tried it and I still had acne. Knowing that, I gave up on looking for someone, but my boyfriend picked me out of the crowd and fell in love with ME, not my face. I have had that same boyfriend for over a year now and he is amazing. This is what I have to say to your ad: Got acne? Yes I do and oh that’s right, I do have a boyfriend.

I hope you take my letter into consideration for your future customers and apologize to the teens and young adults who you let down. They just might have acne and are trying their best to make their appearance better to live up to today’s standards. Tell them you are beautiful and don’t be so cruel with a sensitive subject.

We know it is hard out there and it is hard to fit in. You don’t have to shove it in our face. You will probably have a lot less customers now and a lot more weight on your shoulders knowing these teens self-esteem is gone. If you want to sell a product don’t be ignorant.

Heather Fesmire

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