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Pro Short-Term Rentals Palm desert

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Dear Palm Desert friends and neighbors,

We need your help to protect property rights in Palm Desert.

The City of Palm Desert recently voted to ban all short-term vacation rentals in Palm Desert’s single-family residential neighborhoods. In response to this pressure, the city has drafted a new ordinance that would ban new short-term rental permits in many neighborhoods.

The Palm Desert community supports short-term rentals and the many economic benefits they bring. Unfortunately, supporters’ voices are being drowned out by a small group who want to shut down property rights and shut out homeowners whose livelihoods depend on short-term vacation rentals. Please make your voice heard by Signing This PETITION!

Please sign to send this message to the Palm Desert City Council and to let us know we can count on you to stand with us.

“To the Palm Desert City Council:

Short-term rentals play an important and valuable role in our Palm Desert community. While we understand and share concerns over poor enforcement policies, we believe that an outright ban in R-1 and R-2 zones is a misguided policy that would eliminate a crucial source of economic security for local residents and harm Palm Desert's tourism economy. A reasonable and fair approach would be to approve the significant increases in standards and penalties developed by city staff and community stakeholders this summer and allow those to work.

That should happen before approving any drastic, irreversible actions that would hurt local families and the businesses that help them make ends meet. For these reasons, we request that you take the following actions:

1. Immediately implement strict enforcement measures for all short-term rentals, including a reliable 24/7 complaint hotline, rapid-response code compliance staffing, and harsh penalties for violations.

2. Reject the proposed ban on short-term rental permits in Palm Desert’s R-1 and R-2 neighborhoods. Allow responsible permit holders to renew their permits and continue operating.

The overwhelming majority of Palm Desert homeowners with short term rentals are responsible individuals who add significant value to the community. Don’t eliminate rights for the many for the actions of an irresponsible few.


The Signers of This Petition”


1.  There was no notice given to STR permit holders of the meeting or its agenda.  The City has all of our addresses and emails.  Why were we not directly notified?

2.  The draft Ordinance that was posted on the City website under the Short Term Rental page until about 2 days ago on November 3, 2017 (after the ban), was a draft ordinance from September 2017.  There was no mention in that draft ordinance about any kind of a ban.

3.  The draft Ordinances that were recommended by the City Staff (Version 1 or Version 2) were never on the STR page of the City website (they were buried elsewhere on the website under meetings).  However, even if they were listed on the STR page of the website and easy to find, neither of these recommended Ordinances mentioned a possible ban.  In fact, the recommendations specifically stated that existing STRs were to continue.

4.  On October 14, 2017 a “legal notice” was published (only in the Desert Sun and not ever posted on the City of Palm Desert website on the Short-Term Rental page).  It said that there was a notice of a public hearing for consideration to “approve” one of the two recommendations (by the City staff) regarding amendments to the existing law.  The public hearing was set at City Council on October 26, 2017.  The “comment period was 12 days – from October 14-26, 2017.   Both recommendations that were apparently under consideration for approval, as indicated by the Legal Notice, allowed existing STRs to continue.  Therefore, the public has not had an opportunity to consider, make submissions and to “comment” about the actual ordinance that was proposed at the hearing on October 26, 2017. 

5.  We need to urge City Council to reject this Ordinance and return to the options developed over the course of six months of discussions with dozens of community members and small business owners. The City needs to notify every STR permit holder in Palm Desert so that they are aware of the terms of this proposed Ordinance that directly affects them.


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