Parental Notification for abortions & contraception meds for our under 16yr old daughters

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Rachel Tomkinson
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My daughter who was 15 at the time whilst at school was injected with depo provera medication (contraception) without my notification. They had scheduled 3 monthly injections via her mobile phone contact. She took this med because her peers were taking it to stop their periods. My daughter had the opposite effect and had ongoing bleeding. Girls from 12yrs are able to access at high school any contraception meds such as depo and IUD`s and if become pregnant can arrange an abortion from their school health nurse without parents knowledge. This is fully funded by the tax payer. As a parent having to pick up the pieces when things go wrong we should be fully aware of what is being administered (medical procedures) to our children. By law we are their legal guardians until 18yrs. I feel this bylaw privacy act should be changed, so parents/guardians be notified. If you agree please support this petition. Once I gain enough signatures this will be presented back to the Government for CHANGE. Thankyou Rachel Tomkinson....Pro Parents Choice