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The PCN players community will sign this petition to lower “ICON ZLATAN” permanent ban within PCN and negotiate a fair deal to allow Zlatan to play again in the near future.

After an initial storm of excuses and lies Icon Zlatan decided to come clean. He is guilty of stat padding and should be punished for his unethical actions.

This was his statement:

“Dear Ricky, Dorsey and all other PCN administrators to whom this may concern, I, Icon Zlatan, am writing this petition to admit my wrongdoing to the entire PCN community. I am guilty of the stat padding accusation that I am being convicted of, and deeply apologize for my wrongful actions. I understand that in fracturing the
PCN statistics rules I am negatively affecting not only my self, and my players, but also doing a disservice to the entire PCN community. Stat padding is not something that I condone, nor endorse. With this being said, this is the first offense that I have had during my PCN career, and would be very appreciative of another opportunity to show that this was an ill mannered fluke, in which I let my own personal interests take control of my decisions. I only hope that you’ll take what I’ve said to heart, and realize that I understand that I’ve made a big mistake and that nothing like this will ever happen again. Thank you for your time.”

-Icon Zlatan

July 19th 2018

We as the PCN community ask Ricky and fellow admins to lower his penalty. Zlatan is willing to face the consequences of his actions in both monetary and game-related

Before Zlatan other players have committed the same crime with lower punishments and altough that does not excuse Zlatan’s actions it shows that some leniency was previously given to fellow PCN players who still to this day play in the league.

Icon Zlatan loves PCN and what it resembles and asks for a second chance.

We thank you for your time and hope for a  peaceful resolution.