No unfair advantage to anybody

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The PRMO is the first stage towards the prestigous mathematical olympiads in India. This year, it's the first time it's conducted by IAPT, and also the first time some weird problems appeared:

1. The blank sheets were not provided in most of the centres, and in the centres which it were provided, the roughs were provided very late. This creates an unfair discrepancy between the students who got rough and the students who didn't.

2. Though the answers were expected to be integers between 0 and 99, two questions were wrong, so the students who spend their time working on that problem are at a unfair disadvantage compared to the students who didn't work on those problems - yet both would be judged equally.
3. There were Carmichael Numbers in PRMO, which is against the sole motto of olympiad in India - to increase mathematical creativity among people, as the only doable way to solve the Carmichael Number question is whether you have seen the problem and remembered the number 561 before - this requires memory, not creativity.
4. Some of the questions were not there to test the creativity, but were of JEE calculation type questions to give special edge to students who can calculate stuff quickly rather than students who can't.

Please ensure that no such discrepancy occurs in the screening of PRMO - i.e fairness and equality, as per constitution, is held to all students.
PRMO examinees.

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