Award brave heroes their just and deserved awards

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On the 24th March 1918 a group of 500 soldiers saved the British Empire, yes it’s true, they held up the advancing German Army long enough so that the allied forces could fall back to regroup after being pushed back to where the battle of the Somme had started years before at Longueval.

These 500 soldiers of a Scottish Regiment fought until they ran out of ammunition, and then with only 100 men left, would have continued fighting to the last man save the ammunition situation. 400 had lost their lives by the end of the battle, and the rest would have, had they ammunition, probably fallen like the rest. They followed their orders.

This is an unknown story of the war. These brave men who fought as British troops but did not get any recognition for their bravery, no campaign medals nor their parent regiments receive any battle honours to place on their Standards. After this battle the regiment ceased to exist, and this is the excuse used by the war committee, as to why nothing was issued.

The Scottish Regiment is the South African Scottish made up of the Cape Town Highlanders and Transvaal Scottish (the parent regiments), they were part of the 9th Scottish Division. My father (born in Scotland) was one of the 100 that survived only to enter into captivity, he died in 1971 still annoyed that they were treated differently to the other soldiers who fought. He fought alongside soldiers that his father had fought against in the South African War. It is strange that this regiment was part of the army that delivered Britain’s first victory against the Germans, for which the 1914/1915 Star was awarded, and then went on to Egypt and France to fight and yet not be honoured.

The main objective is for the British Government to award the battle honours, something that should have been done 100 years ago. And would it not be nice to present a campaign medal to each regiment on behalf of the soldiers and a bravery medal, for where the orders where “Hold at all Costs” (Delville Wood and in Marrieres Wood the order included “ Counter attack if position lost”).

The HRH The Queen would not get involved saying it’s not her responsibly (even though these men fought for her Grandfather and Great Britain).  Both she and P.M. May have forwarded on my request to rectify this omission, passing it on to the Defence Department. They in turn came with stories of not rectifying decisions of their ancestors, yet just the other day an American Dog was awarded for bravery in WW2, because at the end of the war, dogs where not awarded medals, I’m sure the dog deserves it, but the sacrifice of 500 men who took the brunt of many German divisions to allow the allies time to regroup and go on to win the war should be honoured.

Your assistance is sought to right the wrong done these brave men of whom so many made the ultimate sacrifice for "King and Country" and received not even the dignity of a military acknowledgement of their sacrifice. We seek merely the honours these men and Regiments are due to them. Please add your name to this cause.

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