Private Security Officers in Jamaica need to be unionized

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There comes a point in one's life when you will have to take a stance. I Teddylee Gray have decided to step foward even if I'm alone.

We as a nation just came out of emancipation and independence celebration but we in the Private Security Sector don't feel free and independent. I've been in this private security industry for over six years and I've seen the good,the bad and the ugly. I have step forward now with this petition because I don't see what more we have to lose because we have been losing for decades now. My first two years in this security industry was with Hawkeye Security Limited and now my current four years are with Marksman Security Limited. What I've noticed that even their dogs ,guns and vehicles are given more priority over us the breadwinner in a industry that makes billions of dollars annually .We don't get any benefits from them. Benefits like Vacation leave with pay, maternity leave with pay and even years of service. I've know of security officers who worked decades and get nothing when they leave. Some of to actually sue these companies to get their years of services. The only benefit some of us will ever get is if we are dead.

The government through the ministry of labour and social security have failed us security officers over the decades now . Even if it's me alone who take up this fight such is life. Enough is enough our National Hero Sam Sharpe basically said he rather die than to be in slavery.

We the over 27,000 private security officers in Jamaica are calling up on the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union,National Workers Union , United Union of Jamaica and the University and Allied Workers Union for their assistance.

I hope our employers don't forsake us anymore because if the over 27,000 of us decide to take a stance that will be problem for us as a nation. I hope the ministry of labour and social security led by minister Shahine Robinson and state minister Zavia Mayne mediate mediate any talks between the Unions and the Private Security Industry .