Waive session fee and Revised school fee for 2020-2021 during hard time of COVID 2019

Waive session fee and Revised school fee for 2020-2021 during hard time of COVID 2019

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Surajit Goswami started this petition to Private schools of Kolkata and

We would like to inform you that due to the outbreak of Novel Corona Virus COVID-19 ( which has been labelled as a global Pandemic lock-down by WHO) measures have been taken by majority of the countries including India, having suspended all business and activities. This has severely impacted the business, industries globally with losses estimated at billions.

We are not an exception to the impact of this global effect of slowdown and downturn in business leading to a complete standstill. The Ministry of Finance, Government of India vide its Office Memorandum dated 19th February,2020 has confirmed that Covid-19 situation being declared as a calamity and Force Majeure be invoked wherever considered appropriate.

We would like to inform you that our professions/income has come to a complete halt as Covid-19 being declared as a Pandemic, consequently it being a force majeure situation for our business/profession/services.

Further we would humbly appeal to your kind self that the school fees be reduced for the remaining months/academic year of 2020-2021, waive of session fees for academic year of 2020-2021 and the transport fees be fully curtailed during this lock down period as our financial condition is not likely to revive immediately.

In light of COVID2019 global pandemic, all the school are taking best efforts to provide continued education to our children and is going to introduce online initiatives for the new session. While this is a smart, logical decision in consideration of the health of all students and faculty. During this time of pandemic as kid are having uncertain time of holidays. So during this uncertain time kids are not attending the school for the following reasons, we are seeking a revised school fee for the upcoming quarter and this year:

As per the current trend and based on patterns observed in other affected countries, it seems the lockdown (full or partial) may extend well beyond the 14th April 2020 and school remain closed till June 2020 and may be longer in worst case

Despite the "high-quality method of instruction" that all the schools are striving to establish, the student body will no longer have access to resources (including but not limited to: labs, facilities, valuable face to face guidance and advising from faculty) to meet standards of a regular school day learning. We believe that these are essential factors of the school learning experience.

We believe that these are valuable hundreds of hours we are missing out on being at the school physically, though we do understand that it is a critical time to uphold social-distancing and self-quarantine to ensure safety of both vulnerable and general populations. It is entirely impossible for the students to receive the fullness of the educational experience we are paying for.

Many parents of Most of the students are going to experience great financial suffering due to lock downs as there will be impact to business/ job throughout the state. Even our Prime Minister has requested every citizen to do their part in these tough times and support the community. One such initiative requested by the PM is: business owners/individuals to not deduct any salary of the employee/housekeeping staff.

We believe all the private schools can also support the community by providing a revised school fee that greatly assist in alleviating the financial stress and uncertainty of the situation. For starters, eliminating charges for Transport Fee and Lunch Fee and discounting Composite Fee and Development Fee till the school resumes normal operations. Therefore, we respectfully implore the administration to rightfully grant us revised school fee for upcoming months , in fact for the whole session.

Points to be noted-

-We really appreciate an effort taken by West Bengal Government that private schools should not hike their fee this year..

Sign this petition to spread awareness to ensure our message with proper support from parents’ community is shared with all the private schools administration, West Bengal Government and with our Honorable chief minister.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,00,000!
At 5,00,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!