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Education is not Business (Exorbitant Fees in Private Schools)

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Fellow Citizen,

Education is basic need and quality education is basic right of every kids. It is utmost responsibility of government to take right steps in ensuring smooth progress. We all put lot of effort in realizing their dreams but unfortunately there are institute and busienssman in India who saw big opportunity of making money in this great service of Indian culture.

You all know it very well that in last 6/7 years there have been exorbitant increase in education fees in private schools in the name of admission fees, annual fees, incursion fees, tution fees etc etc. More importantly it is unilateral and without taking parents into confidence. 
We can not leave our kids at the whims of education insititute who want to run it like a business. Education is not business and it shall continue to be treated as one of the noble social services profession. My petition is about highlighting below points: 
a) Rationalzed and standard fee structure as per government norms.
b) Bringing in more transparency on Fee Structure.
c) Government Regulation on fee hike and Government Law to control fee hike.
d) Frequent inspection and audit of private schools by government insititutes.
e) Government support in CBSE affiliated schools.

Our kids are our dreams and we put is loads of effort in growing up them. Our hard earned money must be channelized properly so that they get not only best of everything they deserve. Education is an important aspect and Government must be a partner to it and they have to take initiative and trigger rational of this area.
Education is not business and I request you to sign this petition so that we can put pressure on government to take right steps.

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