Private health rebates for Pilates

Private health rebates for Pilates

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Kate Crane started this petition to Greg Hunt (Minister for Health) and

We are asking the minister for health to reconsider their approach to claiming alternative medicine with private health insurance, specifically Pilates.

We are asking that Pilates is recognised by private health funds as a rebatable service.

Pilates helps so many people live a more comfortable lifestyle through injury care, pain management and movement education. 

The Pilates industry is standardised by Australian Pilates Method Association and Pilates Association of Australia and instructors have strict code of ethics that they work by. 

Pilates is an important adjunct to other allied health industries and is commonly referred to for pain management and injury care. 

We are concerned that

: the government is stripping us of our right to choose alternative and pro active measures of health care.

: customers have not been consulted on these changes and the government has not considered Pilates as beneficial to health maintenance. 

:the health minister does not understand what Pilates is and how it is helping reduce the overall costs of our public health care system by giving individuals the opportunity to take steps towards better health with educated movement practitioners. 

Who is effected?

If you have been attending Pilates for injury care, pain management or as a long term care plan for your health, you are effected. The benefits of Pilates when used with an individual approach to personal care are far reaching and long term. 

Whats the solution?

We propose that Pilates, when taught by a Level 2 Pilates practitioner or above is recognised by health care funds as a rebatable item.

Why sign the petition?

Pilates is a mode of facilitated and individualised exercise prescription. Pilates practitioners are highly skilled individuals who work with people who are in pain, have injuries and have commonly been unable to find a solution elsewhere. 

Our public health system is already over crowded and underfunded and Pilates is a way for people to take control of their long term health through exercise and planned maintenance. 






0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!