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Petition to Deny Parole for George Rainey - First Degree Murderer

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July 11, 1981, Kansas Trooper Ferdinand F. “Bud” Pribbenow stopped a car for traveling 98 mph in the 55 mph zone on the Turnpike north of the El Dorado, Kansas interchange (US-77). Trooper Pribbenow was walking up to talk with the driver, George Rainey (inmate #KDOC #0035366), when suddenly Rainey leapt out of his car and shot Trooper Pribbenow in the chest. Rainey, then shot Trooper Pribbenow in the neck before fleeing in his own car.

A short time later, police spotted the killer's vehicle driving through the tollgate at the Kellogg exit in East Wichita, and a pursuit ensued. About a mile into the chase, the Rainey rammed the back end of a van that was stopped at a light at Kellogg and Rock Road near the Towne East Shopping Mall. Officers demanded the Rainey leave his car, and he replied instead with gunfire. Officers returned fire, striking him several times before he was taken into custody.

On behalf of the community and Trooper Pribbenow’s family we ask the Parole Board to consider the following things as they contemplate his parole. George Rainey showed an utter disregard for human life and for those in authority over him.  At his current age, he still poses a significant threat to those in society today.  Consider how those kinds of actions would affect those around him if he were to be released.  We also ask you to consider what message his parole would send to the community.  How could you ever hope to explain to mothers and fathers throughout this state who want to be protected by our law enforcement, not threatened by their killers.  George Rainey has served just 35 years of a LIFE sentence for murder in the first degree (not to mention the 5-20 additional years for his shootout with the Wichita Police Department.

We, the family of Trooper Pribbenow, have spent many years grieving.  That day…..a part of us died, too.  That day, George Rainey took away a father, a brother, and a husband.  Our children will never have a grandfather to fish with, or play soccer with. The brutality of George Rainey’s actions has ensured that our lives will never be the same……..and we shudder at the thought of him causing such immense grief and sadness in another family.  At times the pain and grief can seem unbearable.  NO ONE should have to go through this because of George Rainey again. 

We ask you not only to NOT parole George Rainey, but to also give Trooper Pribbenow’s family the maximum time between hearings that the state of Kansas will allow.  These hearings take an incredible toll families, forcing them to relive those events as if it were July 11, 1981 all over again.  You have the power to give 5-10 years of rest, of living normal lives………to live without the pressure of an upcoming parole hearing. 

 We greatly appreciate your time and your attention to this matter and I wait with anticipation for your decision.  Thank you for your commitment and dedication to the safety and protection of this state’s citizens.

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