Prison is too good for a rapist! Demanding Stringent Laws against Women & Children Safety.

Prison is too good for a rapist! Demanding Stringent Laws against Women & Children Safety.

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N A started this petition to Maneka Gandhi

As a Daughter of India I urge everyone of you to look into recent incidents that are taking place every single day around us! Children n Women brutally raped and killed; be it 8 month old infant or 80 year old woman!! Yes this is happening and its high time we put an end to this!!

“A rape happens more because of a female than a male.” A by default considered truth in our nation. Her short dress excites him, her exposed body gives him an adrenaline rush. If she is seen on street after 8, it’s the right to molest they get. If she is goofing around with a guy, why not even we give her a try??

Yes, these are the “KNOWN CAUSES” of rape. But wait, what’s popping up in the news? “An 8 month’s baby got raped and the nation’s capital is in anguish.” Now people, tell me what is the cause of this heinous act? No late night, No boyfriend, No sexy dress but yet she is brutally molested!

This time too, the RAPIST is the only cause of the molestation.

The victim’s family is working on hand to mouth basis. So, they asked her 28 year old cousin to babysit their infant in their absence. Toilet, (these days rains) and a boy’s erection come uncalled and uninvited. On just a sight of a girl, the guy started imagining vagina. Vagina- a free of cost weapon for guys to satisfy their sexual urge. He put his finger in her little hole and kept doing it until she started profusely bleeding. I wonder how didn’t his tacky hands shiver when he committed this monstrous act? The girl at this tender age, is laden with stitches and needles when actually she should be just listening to lullabies in the cradle.

When the entire nation was blabbering whether a film should be named PADMAVAT or PADMAVATI, nobody was least bothered about the girl in the present, the girl how has barely lived. In the realm of befitting the one who is not present amongst us today, the mob entirely paid a deaf ear to the cry of this little being. A 10 year old in some corner of the country gets pregnant on being molested but what we all will still care about is what Taimur had for lunch!!

The bottom line is, we are getting immune to getting raped and seeing others raped. We are getting used to letting vagina to be used as a toy. We are getting habituated to still fear when sitting in a cab in the middle of night. And it is this adaptability which is letting victim become accused instead of agitated.

Why can’t we raise voice against the liberal laws of rape in the country? Why can’t we stand together and bring a revolution? It is high time stop protecting your vagina and stop allowing these dicks to wander freely with their criminal dicks. Let us put a ban on getting our soul murdered.

Nancy, a 12 year innocent girl from Bihar was brutally killed by her own uncles in an acid attack. The police won't budge initially and had been suspended on grounds of negligence. An SIT team had to be set up to probe into the case. Though the accused turned themselves in to the police hoping for lesser punishment, the manner in which they killed the innocent and the reasons behind are spine chilling and deserve no forgiveness.

It's unfortunate how India has to mourn a daughter lost every day. To know what happened with Nancy, let me paint a picture for you. She was gang raped (which is still to be made official), her wrists and throat were slit and acid was poured into her body which led to her fateful death. Her body was found in an unspeakable condition just a mile away from her home, leaving her family devastated.

And this happens not a week after another infant was thrown out of a moving vehicle and killed by some rapists, and her 19 year old mother raped to rags. No one should ever go through this again!

Today it's them, tomorrow it can be a dear one, but India stands on the spirit of treating everyone with utmost respect.

Rape and murder is not the culture of India. We do not tolerate these crimes here. So I want you to come forward and sign this petition, so our PM, Narendra Modi can resolve this issue by escalating it and making stricter laws to punish the culprits. It's the only way to minimize and prevent future crimes at this level. The Rapist should be sentenced to death and that too in public.

We also need to get to the root cause and initiate changes like.. Sex Education in Schools, Legalize Prostitution, etc..

Together we can make this happen.
Pls sign the petition.

Amritaa Khurana,

0 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!
At 35,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!