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Prisions: Stop the torture, through the abuse solitary confinement.

This is important, because solitary confinment is a form of torture. It drives people crazy, and for some, Suicide. It is extremely hard on mentally ill people in prison.

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Can anyone imagine having to stay in a room so tiny, just the size of a small bathroom, for days, months, or years, without being able to leave. Except on shower days. That's if they do not neglect taking you for your shower. People with a strong heart and lots of empathy will understand this. And know that the torture of another living thing, has to come to an end. There are ways to rehabilitate, than to use this primitive way of human torture.If you are a person that does not understand this, go stay in your bathroom for just a few hours without any type of human contact. No radio, no tv, no phone calls, and no visitation. Just you and the small space coming in at you. No one, not even an animal deserves this. Please find it in your heart to stop this torture. One personal example is that my mentally ill and autistic son is in solitary for 30 days,just because he missed his GED classes. His unit had previously been on lock down for months, and he did not understand that he was allowed to go. The mentally ill belong in hospitals, not prison. Treatment for the mentally ill is much cheaper than housing them in prisons. This form of torture must be stopped.

Thank you, Eva Williams

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