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Termination of Carl Sander's employment in the North Clackamas school district

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It has come to my attention that a teacher at Rowe Middle School, who is a PE instructor, is behaving in a way that may be harmful to our children.  Mr.Sander, has had varies physical altercations with students at Rowe Middle School and is still allowed to teach and even discipline our children.  He is also bullying kids and threatening them with referrals.  My son recently had an altercation with him and was viciously shoved by Mr.Sander, with the intent of knocking my son off of his feet and this was done without cause.  I have also been informed that he is not stable and is overly aggressive with the children but I would ask parents to speak to their children about this teacher since many of them have seen or experienced his bad temper.  He is volatile and has been known to even be violent toward kids in his care.  As a parent, this terrifies me and I don't know why he is still allowed around children or to be a teacher.  I believe his conduct is unprofessional and unsafe.  If you find this alarming and agree with me or have had your own disturbing experience with Mr.Sander, please sign this petition.  My goal is to get as many parents as I can to sign it, in order to demand the termination of his employment in the North Clackamas school district.  I would ask for all parents/guardians and/or staff member of students at Rowe Middle school, past or present, to support this cause by uniting together.  I thank you for your time.

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