Priory School - please let our girls wear skirts if they wish to.

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The current school uniform policy states, that in hot weather , the year 7 girls will be informed whether they are allowed to wear their PE skorts and polo tops instead of the compulsory full length trousers, shirt and jumper.....and in the last half term of the summer term only. There is no flexibility ! Having just experienced the hottest April since the 1940's, the school refused the year 7 girls the right to wear their PE skorts and polo tops which had been agreed. The school felt that the weather was not hot enough despite the temperatures being in the mid 20's. Bearing in mind this rule only applies to year 7's so 90% of the girls in the school were walking around in temperature appropriate uniform i.e skirts as were the teachers.

We feel that this is unjust and against their rights under the Equality Act 2010 to chose to wear a skirt in hot weather. It is our wish that the school uniform policy at Priory School in Lewes is changed to allow girls to wear skirts abandoning the current so called 'gender neutral' policy that prevents the year 7 girls from wearing them. If the policy was truly gender neutral then both boys and girls would be given the choice to wear a skirt and/or trousers as is what happens at Brighton College. Taking the right away to wear a skirt from any pupil is unjust and far from gender neutral.  

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