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For all the students and parents who were told to go out and spend money they didn't have on more uniform, or those who were sent home for wearing the wrong clothes. I am trying to convince our school to relax on the uniform policy. Some of us have issues with confidence and self esteem that we try to address by dressing in a way to boost ourselves up. Being made to wear uncomfortable pencil skirts or ugly baggy trousers, A) gives way for bullying and B) Can really put a damper on someones emotional state. In the everyday working environment wearing shorter (above knee) skirts, leggings, cardigans, white socks would all be perfectly acceptable, as long as you still looked appropriate for your job. Trying to fob us off with "you don't look suitable for work" is not going to "work". Why should we miss out on days of our education because we're getting sent home for incorrect uniform? Is our school trying to tell us that our appearance is worth more than our grades? Companies such as Apple and Barclay card are introducing a new casual working dress code as they believe it boosts productivity and a better, calmer atmosphere in the work place. When do you work best? When you're comfortable and happy? or when your attention is on the itchy, tight clothes your employer/principle has forced upon you. Maybe we will get somewhere with this, maybe not but please sign this petition to give us at least a fighting chance of change, thank you :)

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